Northend Paddle ‘N’ Surf Co. is a locally owned business specializing in high-quality boards for all ages and skill levels…

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About the Owner

Northend Paddle ‘N’ Surf Co. owner, Bryan Mordecai, is a Virginia Beach resident who grew up surfing at the North End. In his early childhood, Bryan and his friends spent their summer days skimboarding, boogie boarding, and surfing at 57th Street. They learned to surf on boogie boards, rafts, and any inflatable crafts that they could get their hands on. In his professional endeavors, Bryan worked for Fort Story Fire & Emergency Services as a Federal Firefighter and EMT. His career allowed him to pursue his love of surfing and explore beaches across the world. His surfing adventures span the coasts of Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, Barbados and dozens of other Caribbean Islands, Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand islands, and Polynesian Islands, including the world-class break at Teahupo’o in Tahiti. Bryan’s extensive travels have taken him to remote surfing spots, such as those only accessible by boat. In 2009, he was introduced to paddlesurfing and was quickly drawn to the new style of surfing. Today, Bryan is recognized as one of the top paddlesurfers on the East Coast and is currently an ACA-certified paddleboard instructor in Virginia Beach. If you are at the North End, you can find Bryan catching waves on 55th Street on just about every day of the year. He also gives surfing and paddleboard lessons Mondays through Thursdays. He does not charge for lessons, which demonstrates his laid-back, fun-filled teaching style. He treats all lessons as casual get-togethers so that locals and vacationers alike have great beach days at the North End!


ACA Level 1 & 2 Essentials Paddleboard Instructor, Level 3 Paddlesurf Instructor, and
EMT, AED, and CPR-certified.